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Random Dock Harbour stuff because I can’t sleep:
Aelix isn’t one for tight clothes, or pants. He tries on Shisou’s pants with a single ounce of success, but due to the size difference and misunderstanding involved, he ends up with both legs and most of his body in one pant leg. So basically anyone who tends to care gets him very flowy, simplistic long shirts, gowns, skirts, dresses, nightgowns, etc. Also, he grows progressively worse at speaking English the more shy he gets or overwhelmed he becomes, so he ends up either going dead quiet or mumbles a lot of little words in all this language no one else understands. Sometimes he just freezes and to most people he becomes invisible because he is too overwhelmed. Other times he panics and hides or curls up in a ball, unable to cope. Aelix takes to haunting Shisou’s office and steps whenever he himself is not busy once The Event takes place. He stops reading on his own, and ends up donating most if his books to blind children. Shisou takes to reading to him from some of the novels he reads, but he mostly reads out loud about history from all over the world, tending to avoid the libraries to get the books he reads to Aelix from.
Yori enjoys the rain and sticking his head outside the car window when in a moving vehicle more than he likes to admit, thanks to his increased sense if smell, he tends to avoid hot dog stands or fast food, or anywhere really with a strong smell, or else he ends up lingering forever sniffing around. (He was found once in were form hanging around a Krispy Kreme Donut place) His transformations gave him relief from his drug addictions, but once he is a week or so away from a transformation, he tends to get ill, shaky, and snappy, suffering massively from withdrawal and the adrenaline rush that accompanied his transformation.
Bane may be asexual.
Shisou picked back up the habit of smoking thanks to dealing with Yori who smokes compulsively. His illness worsens, and he starts sleeping less than before once the thing happens with Sabina.
Once Sabina leaves, Reza steps up to help with the hole she left in taking care of the place, but as a whole, the entire place feels the weight of losing Sabina. Aelix is left somewhat confused and torn, he and Shisou both having been intimately involved with her. He pushes himself into trying to help bolster Shisou and himself up more, but he becomes quiet and sad, more clingy physically like the days when he first appeared to help in the office.
Reza is unsure of what to think, he keeps his mouth shut and throws himself into work.
Church gets a bit more aggressive with Sabina’s exit, and begins to butt heads with the other members more often, leading to some unfriendly encounters with Shisou.
Bane only seems to care when Church is unfriendly towards Cello.
Yori steps up to take Church on a couple of times too.
Church is actually a bit affected by Sabina’s loss, and takes it personally that she would turn on her family in such a way, but also sees it as a reinforcement that humans and supernaturals are incapable of getting along for long. Unable to express her anger, she is colder and cuts the remaining members down a lot more with her words, being more controlling and less friendly.
Surprisingly, Yori actually mellows a bit once The Event happens, and he puts in more of an effort to not be a pain. His wolf however becomes more ravenous to keep its man eating size and weight, but he takes harsher control of himself, starting to pull his weight more than dragging others down like he would before.
Bane is Bane, she expected things like this to happen and is unsurprised. Perhaps a hint of sympathy comes from her, but she simply remains constant, surprisingly keeping Shisou’s mind in the right place at the right time, reminding him of what he still has. Yori is unimpressed by her stale attitude, and grows bolder in telling her off more seriously. Family is family, you don’t do that shit. She stares at him and asks when did these people become family to him? He’s taken aback and left to mull.
Yori’s sexual teasing of Shisou wanes, and sometimes is even brought to a halt by Aelix who comes to Shisou’s defense, knowing right now Shisou would be dangerous to sleep with, not to anyone else, but to himself because his normal barriers are so low. The werewolf simply gets a bit more confused, shrugs at it and gets more useful shit done.

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I’ve got a place to rent and hopefully I will be moved in by the first of August. In the meantime, I am still working on getting myself a cell phone service; if anyone knows anything reliable, good, and cheap or pretty affordable, I’d appreciate it!
Thanks guys!

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I’m really just running out of paper like you would not believe.
I never know how Korsith will end up, and I’m never completely satisfied.

I’m really just running out of paper like you would not believe.
I never know how Korsith will end up, and I’m never completely satisfied.

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I’m going to have to deal with The Dock Harbour at some point, and I don’t know how pretty it’ll be.

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Goofy update time.
Blue being stupid because I got a place to rent and that means I’m getting out of this place soon!

Goofy update time.
Blue being stupid because I got a place to rent and that means I’m getting out of this place soon!

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Art from last night. Woo. Porn/erotica go.
Shisou and his possibly undersized dick, Liam and Cherry, Maelstrom booty.

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Part two of last night.
Zachrioux and Shisou with someone random.
They’re actually related by blood, amusingly.

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Art from last night. Part one.
Aesomni, Leviotithian, Alma, and Count Onthier.

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Art from last night. Shisou.

Art from last night. Shisou.

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More art from last night, Bane and Aelix.

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Art from last night. Morrigan and Isabelle.

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Been doing art since I have such limited internet access.
My characters, Autumn and Winter, Raven belongs to a friend.

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I wanted everyone to know I am going to the local Domestic Violence Shelter before 10pm tomorrow, and I don’t know when next I will have internet access, let alone what will happen to my phone service.
I will try to get back on/around but we’ll see, the individuals involved don’t know where I will be, or when I am going.

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The Darkyr again, he’s still not interested in looking like he used to.

The Darkyr again, he’s still not interested in looking like he used to.

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